WWE Elimination Chamber Recap! Bray Wyatt wins WWE title


Smackdown Live final PPV before WrestleMania, Elimination Chamber took place from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Below are the results and my recap from tonight’s WWE Elimination Chamber PPV.

Becky Lynch vs. Micky James

Highlights of the match included a long collar-and-elbow tie up to start the match. James connected with a seated senton from the top rope but Lynch kicked out at two. James then connected with a Mick Kick (a spinning wheel kick) but Lynch kicked out once again. Finish came with Lynch first landing a missile drop kick from the top. Then went for the Disarmer but James blocked as Lynch transitioned into a jackknife cover and got the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Good match to open the show as James focused on the shoulder of Lynch

Apollo Crews & Kalisto vs. Dolph Ziggler:

Highlights of the match included Ziggler attacking Kalisto before the match started and tossing him into the video wall. Ziggler connected with a neck breaker and continued to work on Crews. Finish came with Kalisto connecting with a spinning wheel kick then tags in Crews who delivers a spinning powerbomb and pins Ziggler.

Winners: Apollo Crews & Kalisto

Biggest highlight came after the match when Ziggler attacked Kalisto then grabbed a chair and stomped on the ankle of Crews twice. As the crowd chanted “Thank You Ziggler” as the fans are buying the Ziggler heel turn and aren’t behind either Crews or Kalisto.

Tag Team Turmoil match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. Fandango & Tyler Breeze: Fandango misses the blind tag from Rhyno who delivers a Gore to a massive reaction and gets the pin fall.

Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. The Vaudevillains: English and Gotch sent Rhyno into the barricade but Slater delivers a crossbody on top of both English and Gotch. Rhyno delivered the Gore to Gotch and then Slater hits a jumping DDT to English and eliminates the Vaudevillains.

Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. The Usos: Jey delivered the Samoan drop to Slater but Rhyno came in for the save. Slater went for a roll up but Jimmy connected with a super kick and eliminated Slater and Rhyno from the match.

American Alpha vs. The Usos: Jordan and Gable delivered simultaneous German suplex, Gable then followed up with a cross-body for a two count. Usos get the advantage and double team Gable in the corner. Jey went for the Victory Roll but Gable came from behind with a bridge attempt and pinned Jey. After the match The Usos got their heat back and attacked American Alpha as Jimmy delivered the Usos Splash to Jordan.

American Alpha vs. The Ascension: Ascention delivered the Fall of Man onto Jordan but Gable made the save. Finish came with Viktor missing a splash as Jordan delivered a belly-to-belly suplex. Jordan then tags in Gable and deliver the Grand Amplitude and pinned Viktor to retain to the tag titles.

Winner: American Alpha retain the Smackdown tag team titles.

(The match was rushes and so we were the pin falls as the attention was mostly on making American Alpha the top team on Smackdown Live. Would have been better if they had a regular tag team match against The Usos)

Nikki Bella vs. Natalya:

Highlights include Natalya slapping Nikki at the start of the match. Nikki went for submissions early on in the match including a cross arm breaker and a knee bar. Nikki then landed a forearm but Natalya kicked out. Finish came with Natalya delivering a superplex and then applied the sharpshooter but Nikki countered and then applied the Fearless Lock (STS) but Natalya got the bottom rope. Both Nikki and Natalya fought on the outside and were both counted out.

Winner: Double countout

Looks like we will get a rematch on Smackdown Live with a big stipulation for the conclusion of this feud.

Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper

Highlights include: Harper landing a suicide dive to Orton on the floor then delivering a back suplex to Orton on top of the announce table. Orton got the advantage back by delivering a powerslam on the ground. Orton then delivered a superplex to Harper and followed up with a draping DDT then set up for the RKO. But Harper countered with back-to-back super kicks but Orton kicked out. Harper then delivered a sit-out powerpomb for another near fall. Finish came with Harper attempting a discus clothesline but Orton blocked and delivers the RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

Second best match on the show. WWE made Orton look strong heading into WrestleMania but Harper had some great moments in the match.

Smackdown Women’s Championship match: Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi

Highlights include: Naomi connecting with a blockbuster for a two-count. Bliss then runs into the Rear view for another near fall. Bliss lands a forearm then connects with a DDT but Naomi kicks out. Bliss goes for a roll up and uses the ropes for leverage but gets caught by the referee. Finish came with Bliss attempting the Twisted Bliss but Naomi gets her knees up and then delivers the split-legged moonsault and pins Bliss.

Winner: Naomi new Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Naomi got a good reaction from the crowd as the chanted “You Deserve It” as she seemed touched by the reaction and started to cry.

WWE Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship: John Cena vs. A.J. Styles vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin vs. The Miz

Cena and Styles started the match as the crowd was electric from the start. Cena delivered the Code Red on Styles and then attempted the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but the clock began to tick.

Ambrose entered the match next and attacked Cena right away and ran him into the chain link fence. Styles was dropped onto the floor then Ambrose delivered a flying elbow to Cena off the chamber pod.

Bray Wyatt entered the match next. Styles and Cena scaled the fence. Styles then dropped Cena to the ground then Ambrose joined Styles on top of the pod as they rammed each other into the sidings. Ambrose delivered a powerbomb to Wyatt while tossing Styles of the top of the pod who came crashing down.

Baron Corbin entered the match next and delivered the End of Days to Styles, Cena then applied the STF but Corbin countered and delivered a End of Days to Cena. The Miz is the final entrant as Corbin is waiting for him leave his chamber pod. Ambrose comes from behind and rolls up Corbin with a school boy and eliminated him from the match.

Corbin attacks Ambrose after getting eliminated and runs Ambrose straight through the pod. Then delivered the End of Days to Ambrose as Corbin leaves. Miz enters the match and eliminates Ambrose from the match.

Miz attacks Cena, Styles, and Wyatt with Daniel Bryan like running dropkicks in the corner then counters Wyatt on the floor and then delivers the Skull Crashing Finale.

Cena rolls through on a Miz crossbody and delivers the Attitude Adjustment and eliminates Miz from the match. Styles and Wyatt double team Cena. Cena delivers the AA to Wyatt, then Styles delivers the Styles Clash to Cena for a great near fall. Styles then attempted a phenomenal forearm but Cena countered and delivered an AA to Styles for a terrific near fall.

Cena delivered a cross body and took out both Styles and Wyatt. Cena attempted another AA but Wyatt countered and delivered a Sister Abigail and pined Cena.

Wyatt and Styles are the final two in the match. Both exchange near falls, Styles then connected with a 450 springboard splash but Wyatt kicked out. Styles then when for the phenomenal forearm but Wyatt countered and delivered a Sister Abigail and pinned Styles.

Winner: Bray Wyatt new WWE Champion.

This match was excellent and was very well booked.

Overall: A thumbs up show. A terrific main event and I also enjoyed Orton and Harper too.


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